Unit 612
(Sheriff's Department) Sergeants and Lieutenants
(District Attorney's Office) Sergeants and Lieutenants

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2015-2018 Unit 612 Salary Schedules



D.A. - Sergeants/Lieutenants coming soon.

Unit 614
(Sheriff's Department, Department of the Coroner) Criminalists, Sr. Criminalists, Forensic Identification Specialists I and II, Criminal Laboratory Technicians.

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Unit 621
(Sheriff's Department) Custody Assistants, Civilian Investigators, Corrections Officers, Crime Analysts, Communications

Operators, Court Services Specialist, Law Enforcement Technician, Security Assistant, Security Officer

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Unit 631/632
(Coroner's Office) Investigators

2015-2018 Unit 631 MOU
2015-2018 Unit 632 MOU

Salary schedule available on page 8 of MOU linked above.

(applies to all PPOA-represented units)
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