PPOA is represented by more than 180 delegates at work locations around the county. The role of the delegate is crucial in facilitating effective communication between the union's board, staff and membership. Topics ranging from contract negotiations to legislation to lawsuits are discussed at quarterly dinner meetings. These meetings are held midweek at locations throughout LA County.

In addition to meetings, delegates receive updates (via email and/or snail mail) containing updates from PPOA on issues affecting the membership. Delegates are asked to make this information accessible to their co-workers. PPOA also calls upon delegates when input is needed on classification-specific topics or when opportunities arise to serve on a committee or attend union-related events.

If you are interested in being an actively-participating delegate, please call Greg Torres at PPOA: (323) 261-3010.





Next Meeting

June 21, 2017
Brookside Golf Club, Pasadena
RSVP: (323) 261-3010