We are all familiar with the federal prosecutions of several LASD members over the past few years. One of our members, Tom Carey, is still awaiting his trial which is scheduled in the near future. As you know, this is a traumatic time for Tom and his family. "One thing we do well in law enforcement is support each other in times of need." said PPOA President Brian Moriguchi. "Regardless of the circumstances or whether you agree or disagree with the details, we all know this job places us at risk in more ways than one. We all know our fellow officers' families are also impacted and pay a heavy price as well." In consideration of the Sheriff's Department's policy outlining the fraternization policy, PPOA wants to make sure that fellow employees who want to help can do so without jeopardizing any violation of policies themselves. That is why we have created a method to donate money to Tom and his family through PPOA.

Click below to make a donation to help Tom and his family. Tom's family will be given the names of the donors and how much was donated each month when we provide them with the monies collected.

Contributions on this website should not be made using county computers or on county time. Entire amount of contribution (minus 2.9% processing fee imposed by PayPal) will be forwarded to family or families selected.

You may also set up one-time or ongoing payroll deducted contributions in any amount. Please send any inquiries to