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Membership Application

Click here to download the PPOA membership application that applies to your classification. Because your signature is required for payroll deduction, the application form cannot be completed online. Monthly dues amounts are listed on applications. Please mail your completed form to PPOA at the address below.

The following classifications are eligible for full PPOA membership:

  • Unit 612 (LASD & LADA): Sergeant, Lieutenant
  • Unit 614 (Coroner & LASD): Criminalist, Criminalist Lab Technician, Forensic ID Specialist I, Forensic ID Specialist II, Senior Criminalist   
  • Unit 621 (LASD): Civilian Investigator, Court Services Specialist, Crime Analyst, Custody Assistant, Law Enforcement Technician, Public Response Dispatcher I, Public Response Dispatcher II, Public Response Dispatcher Specialist, Security Assistant, Security Officer, Supervising Public Response Dispatcher
  • Unit 631 (Coroner): Coroner Investigator
  • Unit 632 (Coroner): Supervising Coroner Investigator I, Supervising Coroner Investigator II
  • Unit 611 (LASD): Deputy

Click here for FULL MEMBERSHIP application (eligible classifications listed above)

Click here for RETIRED MEMBERSHIP application

Click here for SERVICE MEMBERSHIP application (LA County classifications not in a PPOA bargaining unit listed above are eligble for service membership)

Click here for LIMITED-ACCESS DEPUTY MEMBERSHIP, application (includes access to PPOA uniform store with no further benefits)

Click here for LASD RESERVE MEMBERSHIP application

All full and reserve members are covered by the FOP Legal Defense Plan. Click here for details:

(Note: you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the application forms. Click here to download).

Mail your completed application to:

188 E. Arrow Highway
San Dimas, CA 91773

Completed applications may also be emailed to or faxed to (909) 480-3011 if the original is placed in the mail, as well. Please call Clare at PPOA if you have any questions: (800) 747-PPOA.

188 E. Arrow Highway
San Dimas, CA 91773

Political Action Committee (PAC Plus)

The latest round of tumultuous contract negotiations proved to PPOA members that they are pieces in a complicated political puzzle.

While PPOA members benefit from unparalleled legislative success in Sacramento, the scene is different here in Los Angeles where our County Supervisors feast on a diet of money, power and more money. Tragically, these five people call the shots when it comes to the contracts that our families rely upon. Their million dollar campaign funds allow the Supervisors to run unopposed year after year. They have answered to no one "plain and simple"...until now.

PAC Plus is the first step toward truly holding County Supervisors accountable for their actions. But in order to help elect labor-friendly candidates, we have to lay a foundation of money and support. There's no other way around it.

That's why hundreds of PPOA members have joined the Political Action Committee PAC Plus. In return for contributing as little as $2 per month, PAC Plus members play a crucial role in electing leaders who understand and appreciate quality work from quality employees.

PAC Plus members are part of an exclusive team of PPOA members brought together to discuss political issues, at times directly with visiting politicians. There is no better way to take control of your future.

Please take a moment to download, complete the application form, and return it to us. Remember that the action we take today will determine where we stand tomorrow.

(Note: you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the application form. Click here to download).

Application Instructions:

  1. Please complete the form
  2. Return the completed form to PPOA at:

    188 E. Arrow Highway
    San Dimas, CA 91773