About Us

In the waning months of 1951, a small but ambitious group of Deputy Sheriffs, County Marshals and District Attorney Investigators banded together to protect their jobs, their ideals and their future.

Today, we preserve the same bond which formed the Los Angeles County Professional Peace Officers Association more than 60 years ago. The integrity behind PPOA's inception remains the greatest asset of our Association, now more than 8,700 members strong.
PPOA proudly represents Los Angeles County employees of the:

  • Sheriff's Department
  • Department of the Coroner
  • District Attorney's Office 

PPOA Mission Statement

The Los Angeles County Professional Peace Officers Association is committed to continuing a "Tradition of Success" in serving a satisfied membership through an effective and expanding professional association. We are a proactive and imaginative organization working in union with employers and other professional groups for necessary changes in policies, laws and legislation that are conducive to the well being of our members. We will promote the professional interests of our members and the law enforcement community by protecting and enhancing their individual and collective rights.

PPOA By-Laws

PPOA Affiliations

Southern California Alliance of Law Enforcement (SCALE)

California Coalition of Law Enforcement Associations (CCLEA)

International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

Los Angeles County Organizations of Police and Sheriffs (LACOPS)

Public Employees Staff Organization (PESO)

Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)

National Conference of Public Employee Retirement Systems

California Peace Officer Memorial Foundation

PPOA Staff

Paul K. Roller Executive Director
Clare Franco Administrative Assistant
Karen Keeslar Legislative Representative
Marty Kullman Field Rep
John Lovell Legislative Representative
Teresa Machado O'Neil Labor Representative
Norma Perez-Gomez Administrative Assistant
Violet Perez Administrative Assistant
Maricela Rios-Villegas
Executive Administrative Assistant
Shannon Schreck Receptionist
Kevin F. Thompson Intake Representative
Greg Torres Public Relations Coordinator
Jim Vogts Legislative Consultant
Ms. Wallace Sr. Labor Representative

PPOA Board of Directors

Lieutenant Brian Moriguchi (Unit 612) President

30 years of county service. Assignments include custody, patrol, detective and administrative positions. Serves as Chairman of PPOA’s Annual Peace Officer Memorial Golf Tournament. Joined PPOA board of directors in 2005 and elected president in 2008.


Sergeant Jim Schallert (Unit 612) Vice President

27 years of county service. Assignments include patrol, special operations, admin. positions, station field sergeant, Bureau of Compliance, Personnel, Parks Bureau and more. Currently serving second term with PPOA board.

Law Enforcement Tech. Jim Blankenship, (Unit 621) Secretary
26 years of county service. Assignments include Crescenta Valley Station, Altadena Station, Santa Clarita Station and more. Responsible for training and development for 911/Desk Operations. Serves on LASD Uniform and Equipment Committee. Elected to PPOA Board in 1998, currently Chairman of Unit 621 contract negotiating team.

Lieutenant Rogelio Maldonado (Unit 612) Treasurer
28 years of County service. Joined LASD in 1989, transferred to DA’s Office in 1994. Currently assigned to Admin/Training Division, with past assignments in Criminal and Fraud/Corruption Divisions. Joined PPOA Board in 2009. Serves as Chairperson of By-Laws Committee and member of Delegate and Legislative Committees.

Sergeant Burton Brink (Unit 612)
27 years of County Service. Assigned to Court Services and SBI before going to patrol at Temple Station (18 Years), where assignments included Patrol/Traffic/Watch Deputy/FTO and Motors/Motor FTO. Promoted to sergeant in January 2009 and assigned to PDC East Max. Transferred to Patrol, at Crescenta Valley Station (5 years), Altadena Station (for a short trip) and currently assigned to Sheriff's Information Bureau (S.I.B.), Executive Division.

Security Officer Jody Clounch (Unit 621)
14 years of County service as a Security Officer. Assigned to Community College Bureau at Pierce College since 2001. Served on merging team from College Police to Sheriff's Department. Elected to PPOA board in 2013.

Custody Assistant Rosario "Tony" Coleman
18 years of service. Currently assigned to PDC South Facility.

Captain Patrick Jordan (Unit 615)
32 years of county service. Joined PPOA board of directors in 2014. Full bio to come.

11 years of county service. Currently assigned to Forensic Biology Section with duties including crime scene investigations and DNA analysis. Joined PPOA
board of directors in 2013.

Coroner Investigator Daniel Machian (Unit 631)
24 years of county service. Currently responsible for confirming identification on unidentified cases in Coroner’s office. Chairman of Unit 631 contract negotiating team.

Art Reddy  (LASD Ret.)
33 years of County service. Retired in 1995 as a Sergeant. Assignments included Wayside Honor Ranch, Inmate Reception Center, Detective Division, East L.A. Station, and Santa Clarita Station. Served as PPOA President for five years and as Vice President of the International Union of Police Associations (IUPA) for 10 year . Also serves on the State Board of Directors of the California Peace Officer Memorial Foundation. Currently Chairman of PPOA’s Legislative Committee.


Lieutenant Tab Rhodes (Unit 612)
27 years of county service, including custody, patrol court services, administration and technical services. Elected to the PPOA board
in 2011.